Santos Hernandez

A passionate Bitcoin educator, builder, and leader.

Hi 👋

I'm a creative problem solver at my core. I work to render the existing legacy systems obsolete. My goal is to benefit humanity at the largest scale possible. My mission is to help individuals become the best versions of themselves. My interests include bitcoin, nostr, lightning network, education, community building, coffee, & movies.

My Background 🌄

I started out when I was 11 building custom sites for insurance agents, spinning up custom game servers and databases with private server files, and made my first open-source contribution when I was 12, which was a registration script for MapleStory private servers.

I then got into competitive esports where I played high stakes Counter Strike: Source, World of Warcraft, and StarCraft II. Reaching greater than 1% of North America across all games and competing in many tournaments.

I am entirely self-educated, dropping out of school when I was 14. I taught myself how to learn, learned almost off of Khan Academy, then moved onto Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), where I studied history, philosophy, economics, computer science, cryptography, softwares, & many more fields. I think I have completed around 75+ MOOCs and 100+ books. Very similar to that of Scott Young's journey of ultralearning, except, not focusing so much on what MIT wanted me to learn and what I needed and wanted to learn.

I have since then built many cool Bitcoin Lightning Network apps such as Payment Splitting, emeralize (an e-learning platform), Automatic Withdrawals to LN Address, and much more.

I am the VP, Business Intelligence at a payments fintech called ZEBEDEE that uses Bitcoin's Lightning Network technology to facilitate borderless and real-time payments of any amount. I play the role of a product leader, designer, educator, senior manager, & strategist.

I am the Executive Director of the AZ Bitcoin Network where I organize educational and social events for the community. I've organized the Lightning Village at TABconf 2023 and the hackathon at the conference.

Contributions 🖖